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Health Concerns of the Basset Hound

The Basset Hound was bred as a sturdy working hound, and as such have relatively fewer inherited conditions as other breeds.  It is still important to know about the following health problems in the Basset:

Paneosteitis, also called Pano, wandering lameness, growing pains or puppy limp.  Many vets are not aware that this is a problem in Basset Hound puppies, which can lead to misdiagnosis, sometimes with costly and unneeded surgery.  It occurs generally between the ages of 6 to 18months.  The dog will show signs of limping or lameness, which moves from one leg to another.  There is no treatment, but excercise should be limited.    It is not considered a serious health problem becase dogs outgrow Pano.

Some of the symptoms of Glaucoma are: pain, cloudy eye, dilated pupil, enlarged eye, sensitivity to light and vision loss.  Early diagnosis is essential.  Many Bassets progressively lose their sight, and some even need to have the eye removed.

Entropian, Ectropian. 
Entropian, a turning in of the eyelids, which causes the eyelashes to rub agains the delicate surface of the eye, and Ectropian, a turning out of the eyelids resulting in a dry cornea.  Both conditions can be surgically corrected in your Basset Hound puppy.

Von Willebrands Disease (vWD), Thrombopathia
Von Willibrands disease and Thrombopathia are genetic diseases that prevent the normal clotting of blood.  Bleeding which cannot be stopped is the symptom of both of these disorders.

Also called Gastic Torsion, or Gastric Dilation Volvulus,  GDV is a serious medical emergency.  The stomach twists and traps gas inside, causing extreme pain.  Unless treated immediately, death may result.  Symptoms are unsuccessful vomiting, restlessness, lack of digestive sounds in the tummy, hunched up appearance.

Obesity is especially harmful to long backed breeds like the Basset Hound.  Spines and joints cannot handle the stress of extra weight.  Your Basset Hound Puppy will be much happier and healthier if kept in a slim condition.


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Basset Hounds, Are they the ideal pet for you?

One way to find out whether Basset Hound Dogs are the ideal pets for you is to visit a genuine Basset Hound breeder and view the Basset puppies available there. Another way is to attend a local dog show and watch and meet the Basset Hound Puppies and Dogs being judged there.  So, what is it that makes Basset Hound dogs or Basset puppies such wonderful pets? Are they really the ideal pets they’re made out to be? Well, here’s what any legitimate, Basset Hound breeder will tell you.

General description

Basset Hound dogs or Basset puppies, available at any recognized Basset Hound breeder of pure bred, Basset Hound dogs, have the easily identifiable elongated bodies and short legs and the conspicuous head of a ‘Bloodhound’. Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies have sagging, loose and wrinkled skin covered by a dense, smooth, shiny and short-haired coat. They have relatively long ears, expressive (but sad) brown eyes, and drooping eyelids.

Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies usually walk slowly, in a manner that may appear rather odd and funny to you. Basset Hound dogs are mild and calm, but not timid by nature. They will not display aggression, but can be a little difficult to train owing to their stubborn traits. This is why it would be better to buy Basset puppies from a good Basset Hound breeder and start house-training them with positive reinforcement early on. Of course, Basset Hound dogs more than make up for their obstinate nature, as they have proved to be gentle, intelligent, playful, humorous, friendly, affectionate, extremely safe with children and other pets, and above all, far less of a nuisance than other hyperactive pet dogs when indoors.

Grooming and Health

Although a good Basset Hound breeder will provide you with useful tips, Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies require minimal grooming owing to their short coats of hair. However, regular grooming is advised through gentle brushing of the coat to remove dead hair and dirt as well as massaging. The long ears of Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies should be given more attention as they are susceptible to infections, and should be cleaned weekly.

As a good Basset Hound breeder will affirm, Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies are relatively healthier when compared to other breeds in their class. Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies must not be overfed as this will cause obesity and lead to leg and spinal problems.

Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies are easily distracted by the mildest of odors and their hunting instincts compel them to follow the odor trail ignoring all else. To some, this may be a unique and endearing part of their nature. What’s more, Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies will charm you with their sonorous and deep bark, especially when they need a treat or your attention. Together with all their other entertaining and playful antics, Basset Hound dogs and Basset puppies do make well-rounded, pets.

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Basset Hound pups, don’t let this nosey pet outfox you!

More often than not, albeit quite natural, people tend to fall for cute, adorable Basset Hound pups, without knowing how they will behave as adults. Instincts and inborn traits usually dictate the behavior of different breeds of puppies when they reach adulthood, and Basset Hound pups are no exception. However, this shouldn’t deter you from visiting a reliable Basset Hound breeder offering Basset Hound pups, or asking for specific information on any Basset Hound for sale that may interest you.

What this says, is that if you wish to invest in Basset Hound pups, make sure to learn everything you can about them from a recognized, Basset Hound breeder selling Basset Hound pups; by reading popular canine pet magazines; or by searching online. Therefore, before you respond to that Basset Hound for sale ad, or any Basset Hound pups offer, take time out to enrich yourself with enough information on this popular, friendly, yet nosey breed. Here’s some information to get you started.

Will Basset Hound pups make good pets?

First of all, you must know that purchasing an adult Basset from a Basset Hound breeder offering Basset Hound pups, or through a Basset Hound for sale ad, may be an alternative that works well for you. A Basset Hound adult that has been properly raised, trained and socialized may fit just right into your family, without you having to undergo the puppy period. Be sure to screen prospective Basset Hounds closely, as an adult Basset Hound for sale that hasn’t been trained early on will be more difficult to train later. On the other hand, early training of Basset Hound pups will shape their behavior and make them compliant and even better behaved than they usually are, on reaching adulthood.

Endearing temperament

As any legitimate, Basset Hound breeder selling Basset Hound pups will tell you, Basset Hound pups will prove to be excellent household pets as adults, despite their stubborn and oftentimes inquisitive behavior. The latter owed to their being ‘Scent-hounds’ by heritage and instinct. People who have been lucky enough to buy Basset Hound pups, from a genuine Basset Hound breeder, or who have bought a well-trained Basset through a Basset Hound for sale ad or rexcue organization, have found their Bassets to be extremely gentle; friendly; loyal; clever; safe around children and other pets; amazingly entertaining; mild (not timid), and truly affectionate towards their masters. Of course, all Basset Hound pups will prove to be extremely nosey, and despite ordering them to stop, they’ll follow any particular scent trail with the skill of a detective. If you don’t put your foot down, this is when they’ll try to outfox you. Do keep your Basset Hound pups or adult Bassets on leash, when outdoors. Although Basset Hound pups can be easily trained with positive reinforcement, you’ll need a little more patience to train a Basset.  Due to their pack-hound heritage, Basset Hounds love company, and especially when puppies, do not de well when left alone for long periods of time.  Bassets do best when they have a playmate during the day, wether it be human, canine, etc.

Uncommon size

As male adults, Basset Hound pups will stand around 12 to 15 inches in height and weigh approximately 50 to 70 lbs. However, this may sound deceptive, as Basset Hounds are considered “big dogs on small legs” owed to their muscular bodies and heavy-boned structure. This can also be explained by the fact that Basset Hound pups will have much longer bodies than their average heights on reaching adulthood, and much of their weight is suspended close to the ground on those short little legs.


Basset Hound pups purchased from a genuine Basset Hound breeder, or one availed through a Basset Hound for sale ad, are relatively inactive when indoors, but will be active and enthusiastic when playing or taken for a walk outdoors. Oftentimes, Basset Hound pups will resort to some mischievous antics and entertain you with the funny things they do when at play. Basset Hound pups need adequate of exercise through outdoor walks and play. However, give Basset Hound pups a chance to play outdoors, and they’ll do so until further orders.

In conclusion, when you purchase Basset Hound pups from a recognized Basset Hound breeder, you can rest assured you’ll be investing in a warm, entertaining and extremely affectionate household companion.

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Basset hound puppies, these pets can enthrall you.

Would you believe that a 16th century rabbit and fox hunter would become one of the world’s most beloved household pets today? Well, it wouldn’t take much to convince you. Just visit genuine, Basset Hound breeders, and choose a Basset from their range of Basset Hound Puppies for sale … and you’ll know just why Basset Hound puppies are the pet dogs of choice in thousands of homes throughout the world. The questions are – Would you consider buying Basset Hound puppies merely on hearsay, or if you came across Bassett Hound puppies for sale ads? How much do you really know about Basset Hound puppies? Relax. Here’s some information that will enlighten you on Basset Hound puppies, and why they can be the ideal, household pets you’ve been searching for.

Why Bassett Hound puppies?

There are several advantages in purchasing young, Basset Hound puppies from reliable Basset Hound breeders. To start with, Bassets can be stubborn by nature and therefore sometimes difficult to train. However, if your purchase young Bassets through reputable Basset Hound Breeders, the breeder will have begun some of the essential training, and you’ll find them easier to train and socialize from the outset.


Basset Hound puppies are known to be playful, friendly, devoted, affectionate, intelligent and extremely safe around your kids and other household pets. They have unique, low-intensity barks, and usually do so when they sense somebody or something coming; want your attention, or are eager for a treat. At times, Basset Hound puppies will enthrall you with their clownish behavior which you’ll find one of the most endearing and amusing trait in their personality.

In general, Bassett Hound puppies act in the most obedient and mild manner when indoors, this makes them extremely convenient pets to own. Being hunters by heritage, Basset Hound puppies are much more enthusiastic and energetic when outdoors. However, they must be kept on a leash when playing in an unfenced yard, or if and when they happen to sniff an odor that challenges their hunting instincts. Basset Hound puppies usually require a low to moderate amount of excercise daily.


It may be difficult to judge the appearance of the Bassets featured in Bassett Hound puppies for sale ads posted online, or in ads inserted by Bassett Hound breeders in canine pet magazines. The best thing to do would be to inspect the Basset Hound puppies for sale in person, or visit Basset Hound breeders to get a better idea about their Basset Hound puppies.

As Adults, Basset Hound puppies will be approximately 12-15 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. The eyes of Bassett Hound puppies are brown, sunken, and have a rather sad expression – a feature which usually warms the hearts of people seeing Basset Hound puppies for the first time. If there’s one physical feature that will catch your attention in Basset Hound puppies for sale ads, it is the short legs and long bodies of Basset Hound puppies. Another striking feature of Basset Hound puppies are their extremely long, velvet-textured ears. Visit a few reliable Basset Hound breeders and check all the other striking features of Basset Hound puppies.

In the final analysis, choosing Basset Hound puppies as your house pets will not require much convincing. If thousands of Bassett Hound puppies have been welcomed with open arms in thousands of homes around the world … you’ll surely welcome this enthralling, pet breed into your home, too.

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Basset Hounds for sale, how to hunt for the “hunter” of old!

They were renowned fox and rabbit “hunters” in 16th century France, but today,  people around the world are in the hunt for Basset Hounds puppies, Basset Hound breeders and yes, Basset Hounds for sale. Here’s how and where you can hunt for genuine Bassett Hounds for sale, legitimate Bassett Hound breeders, and Basset Hounds puppies.

Learn about the breed

It’s quite natural to fall in love with those adorable and cute Basset Hound puppies, as you would with puppies of any other breed. However, without sufficient knowledge about the particular breed, (in this case Basset Hounds puppies), you would be doing yourself a disservice.

There are several sources through which you can arm yourself with adequate, knowledge about Basset Hounds puppies, as well as genuine, Basset Hound breeders offering Basset Hounds for sale.

1)Canine pet magazines carry many Basset Hounds for sale ads, as well as detailed information on Basset Hounds puppies and Basset Hound breeders.

2)Searching online will be another good way to enlighten you on Basset Hounds puppies and genuine, Basset Hound breeders. You will also come across several Bassett Hounds for sale ads posted by reputable, Basset Hound breeders, and other individuals.

3) Visiting reputable, Basset Hound breeders is perhaps the smartest way to learn about Basset Hounds puppies and the authenticity of the Basset Hounds for sale posted by them online, or inserted in canine pet magazines. Genuine, Basset Hound breeders are usually the most experienced with Basset Hounds puppies and will therefore, be in a better position to provide you with useful tips and advice on all behavioral aspects of a Basset Hound, as well as proper care needed for this breed.

Choose the right Bassett Hound breeder

Although there are as many Basset Hound breeders as there are Basset Hounds for sale ads, it is not uncommon for many of them to claim that their Bassett Hounds puppies are genuine, pure bred Basset Hounds. What’s important to separate the genuine Basset Hound breeders from those whose claims appear to be dubious, is to get them to demonstrate the authenticity of the Basset Hounds puppies offered by them. Genuine Basset Hound breeders will demonstrate a willingness to convince you about the breed purity of their Basset Hounds puppies or their Basset Hounds for sale, by backing their claims with convincing legally authorized documents, ie: registration papers, certified health clearances, etc.   These Bassett Hound breeders will also produce both parents of the Basset Hounds puppies under their care.  Both parents of the Basset Hound Puppies may not always be on site, as many breeders prefer to use studs who are located quite some distance away.

Hunting for genuine Basset Hound puppies, checking out the many Bassett Hounds for sale ads or visiting different Basset Hound breeders is not only an exciting experience, but will arm you with sufficient knowledge about Basset Hounds for sale and Basset Hounds puppies. One thing that you can take for granted is that the more you learn about Basset Hounds puppies or Basset Hounds for sale, the more appealing and endearing will this world-renowned breed be to you.

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Some Bare Facts About Basset Hounds

During the early 1600s in France, Basset Hounds were classic fox and rabbit hunters with a sharp sense of smell second only to Bloodhounds. Today, it is people who are hunting for Basset Hounds and Basset Hounds puppies like never before. The main reason why they’re doing so is because Basset Hounds have proved to be one of the friendliest and safest pet dogs to have around children, apart from many other endearing qualities.

Very easygoing and happy hounds, Basset Hounds are very adaptable. Basset Hounds love nothing more than to simply be with their people, and therefore do not do well in homes when left alone for the complete workday.

So, before you head to your nearest Basset Hounds breeder to view the Basset Hounds for sale, or check those Basset Hounds Puppies for sale ads, here’s what you should know about Basset Hounds.

Characteristics of Basset Hounds

To identify genuine, Basset Hounds in an adult Basset Hounds for sale line up, here are some identifying features and other facts about the breed:

Build: Basset Hounds are short-legged, and long bodied. They have the heaviest proportionate bone structure of any other dog breed.

Coat: Short and shiny, not too fine and not too coarse. Basset Hounds skin is loose and elastic.

Color: Most often seen in the tricolor (Black, Brown and White) or bicolor (mahogany, red, tan, or lemon combined with white markings.)

Height : Basset Hounds will reach a height between 30 and 38 cm. (12-15 inches), at the withers.

Head: Well proportioned, with Basset Hounds possess a rather pronounced rear skull.

Eyes: Basset Hounds have slightly sunken and soft eyes with a rather sad expression.

Ears: Extremely long, drooping and velvet-textured.

Tail: Usually erect when walking, but slight curled otherwise. The tails of Basset Hounds should never be docked.

Legs / Feet: Short heavy and powerful legs, with huge feet.

Ideal sources for Basset Hounds

There are a number of legitimate, Basset Hounds breeders who offer Basset Hounds for sale, as well as Basset Hounds Puppies. Alternatively, you may go online where you’ll find several ads by private Basset Hounds breeders who offer Basset Hounds for sale and Basset Hounds Puppies. Be sure to screen ads closely, as there are many Basset Hound Breeders who are less than scrupulous, and are more properly refferred to as puppy mills. Your Basset Hound breeder should be willing to answer your questions, ask a few of their own, and give you lots of information on raising your Basset Hound Puppies, as well as provide you with supporting documentation to prove breed authenticity.

Why choose Basset Hounds as pets?

It comes as no surprise why people are responding to Basset Hounds for sale offers in increasing numbers today. Basset Hound Puppies are cuddly and adorable and even when adults, they are obedient and easy to manage. They are quite at home indoors, although when outside, they could play for hours on end. By nature, Basset Hounds are described as very affectionate, fiercely loyal, well-behaved, non-aggressive, highly devoted, and extremely gentle. Basset Hounds and Basset Hounds Puppies may bark, howl or whine in low intensity, either to warn of something coming; to demand the attention of their masters; or to beg for food or treats. Basset Hounds may bark at strangers, but are not considered watch dogs. Owing to their hunting instincts, Basset Hounds will often follow a scent with nose to ground, oblivious of your command not to do so. At other times they can be quite funny and entertaining, too.

You may not have the sense of smell of Basset Hounds, but if you have a sense of humor, and are looking for a safe, loyal, friendly, entertaining, and warm pet companion at home, don’t waste time, check out our Basset Hounds Puppies or Basset Hounds today.

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